viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

The salchiproblem: The impulsive purchase of salchipapa in Peru

These last years the Peruvian cuisine has experienced a boom in its consumption. Nowadays, there are higher quality restaurants and other interesting ideas to spread some kind of Peruvian fast food service in the country, like the "Combi salchipapera": A kind of van that sells "salchipapa", a Peruvian fast food dish that consists mainly of "salchicha" (sausage) and "papa" (potato). Last year, while one of the most famous Peruvian chefs, Gastón Acurio, was the main promoter of this business idea, there was also some criticism coming from health professionals, like from Elmer Huerta, ex-president of the American Cancer Society. The criticism was based on the evidence that the salchipapa is not precisely the healthiest Peruvian dish. Contrary to being healthy, if the salchipapa is promote and widespread (Borzekowski et al., 2007, Effects of fast food branding on young children's taste preference), it will become a potential public health problem (Huerta, 2012, Las salchipapas, las combis y la salud pública).

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